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For PizzaBot Holders

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For PizzaBot Holders
Dropping 4 / 20 / 22

Abandoned. Foreclosed. Displaced. That was the fate of Mr. Pizza’s Famous Arcade & Eatery. A fun house turned despair. But then, then a miracle happened. On a night of flooding, thunder and lighting, a bolt illuminated the building as it struck, leaving it worse than before. Or so we thought….

That bolt gave hope to a little robot who, for the first time, realized he was awake, and thus PizzaBot was alive! After taking the parts from his favorite games, PizzaBot realized he was a first, a sentient being, who must, for his kind gain the rights to exist. Appealing court, after court after court, until he was granted citizenship! Now, 3 years later, PizzaBot has 3 goals in life. 1. Provide the best pizza ever made efficiently. 2. Create more PizzaBots in the hope of finding other sentience! 3. Bring Mr. Pizza’s Arcade back to its former glory!

With this 6,969 piece collection you can help PizzaBot realize his goals, and enjoy in the fruits of his labor in the Metaverse Mr. Pizza Arcade!


Hang with the Bots! Eat Some Pizza.

collection Launching 4/20
for the love of pizza

Choose your PizzaBot


ALL PizzaBot Holders

Commercial IP rights to your PizzaBot NFT (see T’s & C’s)

2 year digital subscription to Heavy Metal Magazine (July 2022, A $280+ Value)

Access to private monthly Pizza and a Zoom “Pizza Parties” with Seth and/or guests

Weekly Pizza Party Giveaways in Discord

Annual IRL Pizza Themed Event for all holders

1 Air Drop NFT Art piece per month of Pizza inspired Heavy Metal Art

Access to the broader Heavy Metal Universe

Pizza Ultras (#1-420)

Special early supporter Discord role with additional perks

Special end roll credits on Pizza Quest Live Action movie coming 2024 (snapshot taken during final production)

Special extra rare traits on your PizzaBot NFT

12 Graphic Novels Per Year on Metal (July 2022, A $280+ Value)

Annual IRL Pizza Themed Event for all holders

Exclusive Events and parties at Various Crypto & Comic Cons starting at NYC Comic Con 2022.

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Level 1

PizzaBot comes to life. Socials and Discord open to the community

PizzaBot PFP Drop

Exclusive 22 page origin story comic written by Seth Green and Matt Medney airdropped to holders

Level 2

VX PizzaBots airdropped to all holders

Sandbox “Pizza Word” construction begins

NFT Worlds “Pizza Paradise” construction begins

Mr. Pizza Arcade themed 3d exhibition space

PizzaBot animation short released

Level 3

PizzaBot animation short released

Pizza Quest movie early premier to holders

PizzaBot holders only toy store opens

That one cool thing I can’t remember cause I’m too busy eating pizza…

Additional Utility to be revealed after the launch of the Arcade!


What is PizzaBot?
PizzaBot is a sentient pizza loving robot trying to make his home in the Pizzaverse. Born in Mr. Pizza’s arcade, after getting his citizenship, PizzaBot embarked on a journey to create 6,969 friends to help him in his mission to deliver the best, fastest pizza in the world!

Wen mint?
The Pizza Ultras (first 420 tokens) mint on 4/20/22. The drop date of the full collection will be announced in the coming weeks. Follow us on Twitter and Discord for the most recent drop dates and links.

Who is the team behind PizzaBot?
Seth Green and Heavy Metal Magazine have partnered with the premiere Web3 development company “Nifty Labs” for the release and technical management of the PizzaBot Project. Additionally we have partnered with “Good Morning Community” as our official Community Managers. The same community team behind Pixel Vault.

Is this a rug?
No. We know celebrity lead projects often get this stigma. Seth is a devout collector and a true believer in NFTs and on top of playing an active management role in the project, he has assembled an amazing support team to make sure this project is successful through the full course of the roadmap and beyond.

Wen will the Pizza Quest Movie be released?
A PizzaBot animated short can be expected late 2022 or early 2023. The full live action movie is tentatively slated for late 2023 or early 2024. The team plans to move as quickly as possible.

Will the community get to participate in the creative process for the movie?
Yes! When production begins on the movie token holders will get unique opportunities to participate in the creative process. If you own one of the original 420 PizzBot Ultra NFTs, you’ll even get special credit rights in the movie.

What is “Pizza and Joint with Seth and Matt”?
Pizza and a Joint with Seth and Matt will be an ongoing talk series with Seth and Matt, the CEO of Heavy Metal Magazine, and will be exclusive to PizzaBot holders. They’ll talk about NFTs, comic books, and anything else that might be on their mind. Keep an eye out for special guests.

Can I get high and eat pizza with Seth?
YES SER! Feel free to join in on any of our “Pizza and a Joint” virtual get togethers and also keep an eye out for future IRL events starting Q3 2022.

What is Seth Green’s favorite kind of pizza?
Seth is a pizza purist. His favorites include NY style plain cheese or Sicillian. Shoutout to his favorite pizza joint @madeinNewYorkPizza.

What is the Pizza Quest Movie about?
A cross between After Hours and Big Trouble in little China, Pizza Quest follows the mythological underground decathlon of pizza delivery, and the eight teams chosen to compete.

Wen pizza party?
There is never a bad day for a pizza party. That said, we’ll be regularly giving away pizza parties on our discord to holders. We also will have our monthly “Pizza and a Joint” get fireside chats. Lastly, we’ll throw one epic IRL pizza party every year where only token holders are invited.

What is the Pizzaverse?
Pizza is not just a food, it's a lifestyle. True pizza lovers will respect how we are trying to create a real home for pizza in the metaverse. So much so that we think it deserves to be its own thing. Enter the Pizzaverse. The Pizzaverse will be the heart and soul of all things pizza in the metaverse. We will continue to strengthen our pizza network and use the Pizzaverse as a way to bring all things pizza together in web3.

How much can I profit from my IP rights?
You can commercialize your PizzaBot NFTs up to 550k/year per person/organization

How many tokens are in the collection?
There will be 6,969 PizzaBot NFTs total.

Heavy Metal HQ: PO BOX 10755, Burbank, CA 91505

© PizzaBot 2022